Sessions 19-36

Session Focus Scripture
19. Jesus is Born We celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas. Luke 2:1-20
20. A Visit from the Magi We want to worship Jesus. Matthew 2:1-12
21. Anna Waits We want to worship Jesus. Luke 2:36-38
22. Jesus Calls His Disciples Jesus wants us to be his friends and helpers. Mark 1:16-18; 2:13-14
23. Jesus Heals a Little Boy Jesus made the little boy well again. John 4:43-53
24. Jesus Heals a Man Who Couldn't Walk Jesus made the man walk again. Mark 2:1-13
25. Jesus Calms the Storm Jesus is more powerful than storms. Matthew 8:23-27
26. Jesus Feeds a Big Crowd Jesus loves and cares for hungry people. John 6:1-14
27. Jesus Heals Ten Sick Men Jesus wants us to thank him for everything he's given us. Luke 17:11-19
28. Jesus Heals a Man Who Couldn't See Jesus loves and cares for people who can't see. Mark 8:22-26
29. Jesus and the Children Jesus loves children. Mark 10:13-16
30. Zacchaeus Jesus loves us--always. Luke 19:1-10
31. Palm Sunday We praise Jesus. Mark 11:1-11
32. Easter Jesus died for our sins, but God brought him back to life. John 20:11-18
33. Jesus Changes Paul Jesus changed Paul from an enemy into a friend. Acts 9:1-20
34. Paul and the Wall Jesus took care of Paul when he was in trouble. Acts 9:20-25
35. Escape! God gives us people to love us and help us. Acts 23:12-35
36. Shipwreck! Jesus takes care of us, even in frightening times. Acts 27