Session Focus Scripture
1. God Is Just God calls us to have a special care and regard for people who are poor, weak, and oppressed. Micah 6:8; Psalm 72; Psalm 82; Isaiah 58:1-12
2. Overall Pictures of Justice God requires that every person be treated fairly and receive his or her share in God's world. 1 Kings 21
3. Prejudice/Treating Others as Neighbors The Bible teaches us to put aside our prejudice and treat others as our neighbors. James 2:1-7
4. Violence Jesus teaches us to overcome violence by remaining peaceful—restraining people who are violent and bearing violence for the sake of God's kingdom. Matthew 26:45-56; John 18:36
5. Greed The Bible teaches us that greed is harmful for our own lives and that it keeps us from sharing with others. Ecclesiastes 5:8-20
6. Stories about Justice and Living Justly God calls us to work for justice and against injustice. Amos 5:7, 10-15, 21-24