Session Focus Scripture
1. God's Promise Comes True God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah came true when Isaac was born. Genesis 15:1-6; 18:1-15; 21:1-7
2. Isaac and Rebekah God continued to keep the promises made to Abraham by providing a wife for Isaac. Genesis 24
3. Jacob Steals the Blessing God was faithful to Jacob even though Jacob lied to his father and stole the blessing. Genesis 27; 28:15
4. God Blesses Jacob God was faithful to Jacob and blessed him with a family and flocks. Genesis 29:1-30; 30:25-30
5. Joseph the Dreamer When Joseph was frightened and alone, God was with him. Genesis 37; 39:1-2
6. Joseph the Ruler God used Joseph to save Jacob's family and to feed a troubled part of the world. Genesis 41:46-46:34