Marvel at the Holy Spirit’s Work

Session Focus Scripture
1. Ananias and Sapphira Members of the Christian community should be honest, sincere, and truthful and should not be concerned with being number one in the community. Acts 4:36-5:16
2. Stephen's Story The Holy Spirit gave Stephen the power to witness even when he faced persecution and death. Acts 6; 7:51-8:4
3. Simon the Sorcerer The Holy Spirit awakens the hearts of the Samaritans to believe in Jesus. Acts 8:4-25
4. Tabitha The Holy Spirit equips us to be true disciples and to minister in Jesus' name. Acts 9:36-43
5. Peter's Vision The Holy Spirit taught Peter that the church is for people of all nations. Acts 10:1-11:21
6. Peter's Rescue God listens to the prayers of believers. Acts 12:1-19