Who Is God?

Session Focus Scripture
0. Christmas Victory! We celebrate the birth of Jesus, who won the victory over Satan and saved his people. Revelation 12
1. What Is True Faith? True faith is a sure knowledge of God's promises and a firm trust that all my sins are forgiven for Jesus' sake. Mark 2:1-12; Q&A 18
2. The Story of the Apostles' Creed We believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Apostles Creed; John 20:19-31; Q&A 19
3. God Is . . . God is a single, spiritual being: eternal, invisible, almighty, infinite, and completely wise, just, and good. Acts 17:16-34; Q&A 20
4. A Faithful Provider God, the almighty Creator, is also my faithful Father, whom I can trust to provide whatever I need. Exodus 16; Psalm 8; John 6:35; Q&A 21 and 22
5. A Caring Creator God, our heavenly Father, takes care of and rules over everything in our world. Selections from Genesis 37-50 (especially Genesis 45:1-8; Genesis 50:19-21); Q&A 23