DWELL Flex is a multi-age edition of DWELL designed to work with a variety of ages and contexts. We have released the first three years of this four-year curriculum. Each year includes 36 sessions arranged into six units, alternating between New Testament and Old Testament years. Sessions are arranged in rough chronological order, but can stand alone and be rearranged in any order. Explore the sessions using the links below or the printable PDF.

For our graded curriculum, see the main DWELL scope and sequence to learn more.

Flex (Multi-Age ) | Year 1

Flex (Multi-Age ) | Year 2

Flex (Multi-Age ) | Year 3

  • Unit 1

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Jesus Is Tempted We worship Jesus, our Savior, who obeyed God and said no to Satan’s temptations. Luke 4:1–13
    2. A Man Who Can't Walk Learns about Jesus A man who can’t walk learns that Jesus is able to make us well. Luke 5:17–26
    3. Jesus Heals the Centurion's Servant Jesus wants us to trust him to heal our sickness. Luke 7:1–10
    4. Jesus Brings a Son Back to Life Jesus made a widow’s son alive again and people praised God. Luke 7:11–17
    5. Jesus Heals a Sick Woman Jesus is pleased when we show our faith in him. Luke 8:42b–48
    6. The Sower The kingdom grows when God’s Word takes root in people’s lives. Mark 4:1–20
  • Unit 2

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. The Good Samaritan Jesus teaches us to care about each other. Luke 10:25–37
    2. The Lost Sheep Jesus is the good shepherd who loves us and cares for us. Luke 15:1–7
    3. The Lost Son God is the loving Father who welcomes his lost children home. Luke 15:11–32
    4. The Great Banquet God brings all sorts of people into the kingdom. We don’t earn our way into God’s kingdom; entry is a gift from God. Luke 14:15–24
    5. The Rich Fool Jesus reminds us not to be greedy and to live for God rather than for things. Luke 12:13–21
    6. The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Jesus teaches us to humbly ask God to forgive us and not to think we are better than others. Luke 18:9–14
  • Unit 3

    Session Focus Scripture
    0. Christmas: Magi Worship Jesus When Jesus was born, the Magi came and worshiped him. Matthew 2:1–12
    1. The Ten Bridesmaids Jesus reminds us to be ready for the day when he will return to judge the world. Matthew 25:1–13
    2. Jesus Calms a Storm Jesus cares for frightened people. Matthew 8:23–27
    3. Jesus Walks on Water Peter learned to trust Jesus; Jesus wants us to trust him too. Matthew 14:22–33
    4. Jesus Feeds Four Thousand People Jesus has compassion for hungry people. Matthew 15:29–39
    5. The Great Parade Like the crowd on Palm Sunday, we welcome Jesus our King. Matthew 21:1–11
  • Unit 4

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. The Last Supper On the night before he was crucified, Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine to let them know that he loved and forgave them. Matthew 26:17–30
    2. Jesus Dies Jesus died for us. John 18–19
    3. He is Risen Jesus is alive again and will always be with us. John 20
    4. A Mountaintop Goodbye When Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his people work to do and promised to always be with them. Matthew 28:16–20; Acts 1:4–11
    5. Pentecost On Pentecost Jesus kept his promise and sent his Spirit to be with his people always. Acts 2:1–41
    6. The Community of Believers (Ananias and Sapphira) Members of the Christian community should be honest, sincere, and truthful and should not be concerned with being number one in the community. Acts 4:32–5:16
  • Unit 5

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Stephen’s Story God gave Stephen the courage he needed to stand up for his faith. Acts 6; 7:51–8:3
    2. Philip and the Man from Ethiopia The Holy Spirit helped Jesus’ followers bring the good news to all people. Acts 8:26–39
    3. Jesus Changed Paul Jesus changed Paul from an enemy to a friend. Acts 9:1–19
    4. Jesus Kept Paul Safe Jesus kept Paul safe so he could tell others about Jesus. Acts 9:20–31
    5. Peter’s Vision All people are invited to be part of God’s family. Acts 10
    6. Lystra Paul and Barnabas learn that telling others about Jesus can be difficult and dangerous. Acts 14:8-20
  • Unit 6

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Lydia The Holy Spirit opens our hearts so we believe. Acts 16:1–15, 40
    2. Paul and Silas in Jail Paul and Silas preached the good news about Jesus and brought salvation to two families. Acts 16:16-40
    3. Riot in Ephesus Against strong opposition, Paul established the church in Ephesus. Acts 19:8–41
    4. Jesus Helped Paul Escape Jesus used Paul’s nephew to help Paul escape. Acts 23
    5. Shipwreck and Malta God saved Paul and all the people with him from being destroyed in a terrible storm. Acts 27:1–28:10
    6. Rome The Holy Spirit helped Paul to reach Rome and tell the good news about Jesus there. Acts 28:11–31

Flex (Multi-Age ) | Year 4

  • Unit 1

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. God Made the World God created fish, birds, animals, and people. Genesis 1:1–2:3
    2. Sin Spoils God's World God forgives us when we are sorry for disobeying. Genesis 3
    3. Noah Obeys God Noah obeyed God’s command to build an ark. Genesis 6:5–7:24
    4. God Saves Noah God saved Noah and his family from the flood. Genesis 8:1–9:17
    5. The Tallest Tower When people got together to show off, God scattered them over the whole earth. Genesis 11:1–9
    6. The Birth of Isaac God can do anything. God promised to give Abraham and Sarah a son, and God did. We can trust God’s promises to us too. Genesis 12:1–6; 18:1–15; 21:1–7
  • Unit 2

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Jacob and Esau Jacob did and said something wrong. But he still belonged to God. Even when we make God unhappy, God forgives us and loves us. Genesis 25:19–31; 27:1–45
    2. God Saves Joseph God took care of Joseph. Genesis 37:1–36, 39–47
    3. God Chooses Moses God chose Moses to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt. Exodus 1–4
    4. The Exodus God saved the people from Pharaoh and set them free. Exodus 7–12
    5. Manna and Quail The Israelites trust God for their daily food. Exodus 16
    6. Ten Commandments God gave the people of Israel rules for living. Exodus 19–20
  • Unit 3

    Session Focus Scripture
    0. Christmas: A Promise Kept The Old Testament promise of a Savior was fulfilled at Christmas. Matthew 1:18–25
    1. The Golden Calf God’s people forgot God’s most important rule. Exodus 20:18–21, 32
    2. Crossing the Jordan God brought the people of Israel across the river and into the promised land. Joshua 3-4
    3. God Saves Rahab God saved Rahab and her family, and they became a part of God’s family. Joshua 2, 6
    4. Deborah and Jael God used Deborah and Jael to save the people of Israel from their enemies. Judges 4–5
    5. Gideon God used Gideon to save the people of Israel from their enemies. Judges 6–7
  • Unit 4

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Samson God used Samson to save the people of Israel from their enemies. Judges 13–16
    2. Samuel Samuel listened to God, and God was with him. 1 Samuel 3
    3. David Cuts Saul’s Cloak David respected Saul as God’s anointed king and spared his life. 1 Samuel 24
    4. Solomon’s Temples Solomon built God a beautiful temple, but eventually Solomon strayed from God’s commands. 1 Kings 6:1, 11–13; 11
    5. God Strengthens Elijah God strengthened Elijah when Elijah felt discouraged and alone. 1 Kings 19
    6. Elijah Taken Up to Heaven God gave Elisha power to continue the work Elijah had done for God. 2 Kings 2:1–18
  • Unit 5

    Session Focus Scripture
    0. Easter: Mary’s Story Like Jesus’ friends at the tomb, we are happy that Jesus is alive. Matthew 28:1–10
    1. Elisha and the Widow's Oil A poor widow trusted God to provide. 2 Kings 4:1–7
    2. God Heals Naaman Naaman obeyed God, and God healed his leprosy. 2 Kings 5:1–19
    3. Elisha and the Blind Soldiers God protected the people of Israel and saved them from their enemies. 2 Kings 6:8–23
    4. Joash Repairs the Temple God preserved David’s family line and used young King Joash to restore the temple. 2 Kings 11:1–12:5
    5. The Fall of the Northern Kingdom After years of disobedience, God allowed the kingdom of Israel to be carried away by its enemies. 2 Kings 17:1–23
  • Unit 6

    Session Focus Scripture
    1. Hezekiah God blessed Hezekiah, a good and faithful king. 2 Kings 18–19
    2. Josiah King Josiah led his people back to worshiping God and obeying God’s law. 2 Kings 22:1–23:3; 2 Chronicles 34:1–3
    3. Daniel and the Last Party Because Belshazzar did not honor and worship God, God took away his kingdom. Daniel 5
    4. The Story of Esther (Part 1) God prepared Esther and Mordecai to help save God’s people from destruction. Esther 1–4
    5. The Story of Esther (Part 2) God used Esther and Mordecai to save the Jewish people from destruction. Esther 5–10
    6. Home Again God brought the Israelites back home to Jerusalem, where they rebuilt the temple. Ezra 1, 3